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Apply for a GUILD HALL


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What is a Guild Hall?
  • It is where a certain guild will have their own, dedicated and fully controllable forum section
  • The Guild Master will have full access on their exclusive forum section and act as a Moderator.
  • The Guild Master can also assign co-moderators (by request)
  • Guild mods can:
    • Stick/Pinned a thread
    • Close/Open threads
    • Edit threads
    • Delete threads
  • Inside the guild section, their will be a sub-section exclusively only for members to keep some sensitive info hidden
  • All players can see threads made by the other guild members, but they are not allowed to reply
  • Only guild members can create a thread on their exclusive guild forum section
  • All guild members will have their own user group
  • Guild Master will have a fancy forum name effect, same as the staff members, vip users and admins has
  • Your guild will be shown in the home page of the forum as a sub-category under Guild Hall section
  • The guild master can make a tournament ( a new feature here in our forum):
  • The purpose of the GUILD HALL is for the community of CABAL EXTENSION and for a social communication together with their guild mates such as asking, helping, sharing ideas, sharing screenshots and etc...

How to apply?
  • A guild must not younger than 1 week from the day it was created
  • A guild must have at least a minimum of 15 members and all of the members should have forum accounts with not less than 5 posts
  • The guild master must request from this thread and reply with this format
    • Guild Name
    • Guild Date Created
    • Guild Master IGN & Forum Name
    • Number of Members
    • Number of active members with their Main IGN and Forum Name
    • List of at least 1 guild moderator
  • Wait until a Admin will confirm if your guild have passed all the requirements and be notified the estimated date that your guild will be granting a exclusive forum section
We will also have a Featured Guild of the Week base from Game & Forum activity
Guild of the Week will be rewarded with special items.