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We are now looking for a CABAL Streamer who is willing to stream his game content inside of our server
If you love playing our server while streaming your contents, this is for you!

Just message Rann#3905, X10plays#6103 or Merlin#3269 in our discord channel
Discord link:

Once you picked and oriented one of our GM, you will be a Probationary for 7 days.

1. Streamers must have a mic and camera every stream (#1 rule as a streamer)
2. Must know how to communicate on a viewer(s) and interact


-- Streamer Weekly Package --
Daily Giveaways (every 15 or 30 minutes of your stream):
200x veradrix potion
200x megaphone
200x holy water of critical
200x holy water of traveler
200x leap of hero
200x summon of heroes
10x blessing bead - drop rate 100% (3 hours)
10x blessing bead - pet exp 100% (3 hours)

Weekly Giveaways OR Daily Final Giveaways:
1x mercenary yuan rare
1x mercenary arionell rare
1x return core 7 days
1x frontier stone 7days
1x Inexhaustible HP Potion (Lv.4) 7 days
1x Inexhaustible MP Potion (Lv.4) 7 days
1x VIP Plus (Ultimate) 3 days

Streamer Weekly Incentives (For Personal Use only)
50x veradrix potion
50x megaphone
50x holy water of critical
50x holy water of traveler
50x leap of hero
50x summon of heroes
5x blessing bead - drop rate 100% (3 hours)
5x blessing bead - pet exp 100% (3 hours)
5000 ecoins

Note: As a probationary, only half of the item listed on the above will be send
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