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UPDATE [Open Beta Test] Update and Adjustment

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Content Developer/Writer
Content Developer
Game Master
Date: 08/02/2019
Status: Released

  • Fixed HP/MP/Return Stone purchased bugged on all NPC
  • Fixed Chaos lamp sell purchased to 500k ALZ
  • Removed honor points requirement when purchasing the HP/MP/Return Stone on all NPC
  • Removed honor requirements on bracelet and earring
  • Added 2nd warp code in Fort Ruina map
  • Level cap extended to 115 - last dungeon FT B1F
  • Freebies item added when reaching level 100 and 115
  • All Honor points will be wipe to 0 points and all newly character created will gain 0 honor points
Freebies Lv.100
  • 100x Remote Shop Card
  • 1x Epaulet of Dead B1F
Freebies Lv.115
  • 1x Muster Card: FT B1F
  • 25x Extract Potion(STR)
  • 25x Extract Potion(DEX)
  • 25x Extract Potion(INT)
Not open for further replies.