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UPDATE Patch Notes v3020

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1. New Dungeons Released
  • Eternal Chaos Arena
    • item drop: Fragment of Chaos
  • Hazardous Valley (Awakened)
    • item drop: Archridium Weapon, Epaulet, Critical Ring +3, Ring of Luck +3 and Orphidia's Amulet
  • Panic Cave (Awakened)
    • item drop: Archridium Headgear, Epaulet, Slot Extender, Earth Stone
  • Lava Hellfire (Awakened)
    • item drop: Archridium Suit, Epaulet, Slot Extender, Fire Stone
  • Steamer Crazy (Awakened)
    • item drop: Archridium Gloves, Epaulet, Slot Extender, Wind Stone
  • Catacomb Frost (Awakened)
    • item drop: Archridium Boots, Epaulet, Slot Extender, Ice Stone
2. Basic Crafting
  • crafting Chaos Core and Elemental Crystal has 10% chance to failed
  • crafting Minesta Belt from +1 up to +15 are 100% success chance
  • crafting Minesta Belt from +16 up to +20 are 95% success chance and 5% to 1 degrade of your belt
3. New Avatar Costumes
  • Roses Temptation Costume
    • Purchase Source: Redeem Shop
  • Spring Break Suit Costume
    • Purchase Source: Streamer Ticket NPC
  • Black Dragon Costume
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
  • Ribbon Ponytail (Female Exclusive)
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
  • Beauty Ponytail (Female Exclusive)
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
  • Rabbit Ear Pigtails (Female Exclusive)
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
  • Pretty Pigtails (Female Exclusive)
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
  • Cute Apple Hair (Female Exclusive)
    • Purchase Source: X-Coin Shop
4. Guild Emblem Patch
  • Capella Allstar
  • Parental Guidance
  • Psychopath
  • 3LawZ
5. Costume Removed
  • If you any of the costume below, you can ask for a refund to our GM's and we will refund it 100% worth of 500 ecoins direct on your account
    • Japanese Gala Dress
    • Chinese Gala Dress
6. Defensive Earring +5
  • removed resist critical rate item option
  • crafting defensive earring with unique options will be available on next update
7. Streamer Ticket NPC
  • located in green despair (Event Girl - Yul)
  • you can get streamer ticket by watching on our official streamer
8. X-Coin Shop
  • added some items that can be purchase using x-coins

1. Fixed Hazardous Valley (Hard) which chest does not drop sometimes
2. Fixed Untrain price skills with the following below:
  • Instant Immunity
  • Natural Hiding
  • Intuition
  • Art of Fierceness
  • Intense Blade
  • Fury Shout
  • Cat's Recovery
  • Bear's Vitality
  • Bloody Spirit
  • Art of Shout
  • Shadow Shield
  • Art of Defense
  • Art of Force Control
  • Mass Restore
  • High Regeneration
  • Spirit Intension
  • Mortal Bane
  • Art of Curse
  • Mana Freeze
  • Field of Enervation
  • Art of Sniping
  • Spirit Shield
  • Quick Move
  • Reflex Shield
  • Elemental Enchant
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