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NOTICE Prove We're Wrong and Get VIP 30 Account Benefit!

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Good Day EXT! :D

We've heard about a lot of
HEARSAY about Cabal EXT Team circling around the community and yet NO REPORT with any solid proof were presented to us regarding the "INTENTIONAL" acts towards the disadvantage of players in-game. So in light of these rumors, we would like to CHALLENGE everyone - a legit player in Cabal Extension, to provide us an unquestionable solid proof of ANY intentional abusive action/s of an Admin or GM in Cabal Extension.

In exchange for reporting such acts wherein, once proven, expect an immediate action from the rest of the Admin team by
KICKING OUT the accused staff from Cabal EXT Team and provide an INSTANT VIP 30 Account benefit to the reporter!


Should you be providing us with
FAKE NEWS, we will BAN your account PERMANENTLY.

WE GOT GUTS to provide such rewards because we are confident enough to defend ourselves against those rumors about "Intentional" acts of our team in-game. We created this announcement as to the intention of breaking the mindset of anyone by thinking that a part of Cabal EXT Team will be exempted to our server's rules. That being said, the real question is, is that fake news? If NO, then PROVE IT. Just don't edit it because we will know.

Respect US and we will respect YOU.

PS: I'm so back! Hi and hello. :D


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