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GUIDE Resurgence - Mission War Guide 101


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Hey, I'm having a hard time getting at least 100 points after my free set duration got worn off. Do you have any guide I can check out to get score some high points in Mission War?

Oho~ I'm glad you asked about this! So let's talk about Mission War.

Mission War is an extra gameplay by any cabal server to earn War EXP or WExp. War EXP can be used in various ways (depends on the servers). Mainly, it is used to increase your Honor Rank Class up to 20. Depending on your current Honor Points, you will get specific title + certain stat bonus. You can check the table below for the current reward info's.


(Note: Stats given per Class can be changed anytime upon notice. Table was obtain via Official Server)
For every 100WExp you can exchange it for Honor Points to Morison(Officer) in Port lux.
As of the moment, we have 5 Schedules of war in server.
  • 7AM and 7PM Daily (Regular Mission War)
  • 9PM Every Saturday (Flag War)
  • 10AM and 10PM Daily (Battle of Center)

What's Battle of Center?

  • Battle of Center is a unique gameplay of Mission War experience that is exclusive in Cabal EXT where as the only available spots that can be occupied is W9, Center, and E3.

Okay okay, so now how can I earn points in Mission War? Is there a required points to achieve so I can earn WExp?
-Points are scored in plenty of ways:

  • Attacking enemies (PK, Attacking Legacy Guardians, Attacking Force Towers)
  • Receiving damage
  • Healing allies
  • Building Force Towers with Alz
  • Debuffing targets
  • Buffing allies
You need to achieve at least 30points to be eligible to obtain WExp. For every 10k damage you do or take earns 1 score. An enemy nation kill or your own death will automatically reward you an additional 10k damage dealt (1 point).

Press the V key on Mission War channel and click the Details tab to see your current points.

Is there any rewards I could get aside from the WExp?
-the answer is YES!

Regular Mission war, including Flag war and Battle of Center yields the ff rewards:

  • WEXP Exchange Medal that can be use to obtain scrolls in Green Despair.
  • WEXP amounting to 1k if nation was defeated, and 2k if nation was victorious.
  • Flag War winning bonus where you'll obtain an exclusive nation only warp point where you can use regular Return Stone to warp on certain locations + Various EXP points and Bonus Loot rate Percentage.
  • Battle of Center Yields x2 or x3 of the original WEXP rewards.
  • Wing Potion Cube, which can be use to level up your wing system. Current Rewards for Wing potions are 100, 300 and 500 exp points. Keep in mind that the minimum score to obtain a Wing Potion Cube is at least 100 points.
  • Extra rewards can also be obtain on certain events.

Is there a faster way I cold obtain 100 points or more?

  • DEFINITELY! Even if you are only using the free Drei Frame set, you can easily get 200 to 300 points. The trick here is to use your Battle modes and Aura whenever it's up (We'll take about Battle Modes soon!).
  • Other way is to build up a party that is focus on taking Legacy Guardians and Force Tower panels. Without a good set, your damage on PK with other players may only be up to two to three digits only .
  • The other way is to use the secret ingredient. Sword/Magic Damage Amplifiers which can be obtain via craft (We'll talk about crafting soon!). These Damage Amplifiers will boost up your skill damage in Battle Modes and Combo. So I suggest you farm some materials to obtain it ;).

Then I better grind my Honor Rank then! Thank you!

If you have any other questions that are not discussed here in the guide, you can reach out to us in game or in discord. You can join the discord server through this link -> CABAL EXT Reloaded Discord Server.

As always, keep safe and stay zappy. See you in the land of Nevareth!


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