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NOTICE Support our Streamers

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We would like to introduce our official EXT streamers. Please follow and support their gaming page below.
They will distribute a "Streamer Ticket" on their live streaming starting today.
Tikyo Gaming @Tikyo#6534
McRise @McRiseEeee3ee#6153
Xtianverse tv @xHasegawaChisato#5924
Additional: If you are interested to support them financially, you may use their streamer codes when you donate on our server.
You can get their streamer codes by watching their live streaming. 10% of your total amount donation will directly go to our streamers
and you will get also a 10% additional worth of ecoins as a bonus every time you donated.

Example: Player1 donated a worth of 1,000 PHP using a streamer code. 900 PHP will go to the server then 100 PHP will go to the streamer.
Player1 will get a total of 5,000 ecoins + 500 ecoins as a 10% additional bonus from using a streamer code.

The donation from this link is now updated:

Please use the updated donation form if you plan to donate our server.​
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