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    Vikalitan of Golden Sunset Event is now officially released in-game.
    Requirement: Lv. 110 or above characters who has a nation (Capella or Procyon).

    How To Join the Event

    1. Enter "Saint's Island" located in the middle of Lakeside.
    2. Kill the Guardian of the Saint's Force Calibur Tilagans and Gruvandas cyclically.
    (After killing it, only characters who has a nation and produced the most damage will get a chance of acquiring the Saint's Forcecalibur weapon)
    3. There will be a delay of 45 seconds in order to loot the SF weapon.

    - Only one player per server may acquire and use Saint’s Forcecalibur weapon.
    - When the battle starts, Tilagans and Gruvandas will spawn cyclically.
    - Multiple numbers of cores and buff potions will be dropped upon killing Tilagan or Gruvanda.

    Event Schedule

    Every Sunday @10:15pm

    Saint Force Calibur Weapon (5 days duration)​
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