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NOTICE Vote System will be back this October!


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Content Developer
Game Master

We are glad to say that our vote our server system will be back exactly on October 2, 2019. xtremetop100 vote site will be back also.
At this time, the vote system will be more prioritize. We encourage everyone to support and vote our server every 12 hours.
As exchange with your vote support, you will be rewarded a "vote points coin or vcoins" that you can use in Vote Shop in our website.

Vote Shop remark to re-construct starting today and hoping to finish it within this coming week.
All items will subject to changed and add new after the reconstruction.

Most important on this announcement, All current "Vote points or vcoins" will be reset and back to zero.
Please use now all your current vcoins in your account until 10/01/2019 - 11:59pm.
There will be no refund nor rollback after the implementation of vcoins reset.

Any changes and implementation related to vote system will be update on this thread only.
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