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NOTICE Basic Crafting and WEXP reset


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We would like to inform everyone that there will be a reset on the following below:
1. Basic Crafting Level
2. Current WEXP and Total WEXP Gained
3. Dungeon Rankings (in-game only)

Basic Crafting Level
for our upcoming update, there will be a renewal of our craft system (Basic Crafting),
in order to apply this changes we need to reset all current characters basic crafting and revert it back to level 1.

Current WEXP and Total WEXP Gained
We advice to use all your current WEXP before the reset will implement, There will be a new nation war system will be made for next coming updates.

Dungeon Rankings (in-game only)
Only in-game ranking will be affected, Reset is to give way for all our active players in game who loved to do a dungeon everyday to be listed on the top.

There will be no ESTIMATED TIME ARRIVAL for the reset but we assure this will be implement by the end of the month (February 2020).​