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Whos Your Daddy
Web Developer
Game Master

Do you have passion on gaming?
Love to share your moments through live streaming?
Clever? Talkative? Cheerful? Friendly?

Now its your time to grab this opportunity!
CABAL Extension is looking for potential streamers to handle our streaming page CABAL Extension Gaming Facebook Page.

All you have to do is to stream CABAL Ext live regularly, create gimmicks to attract viewers, create raffles (rewards provided by us), get more viewers by sharing on streaming/gaming groups and all necessary things to do as a game streamer.

What are the benefits for being our Streamer?
  1. Opportunity to join staff group chat for advance information on our future updates and decisions.
  2. Have a Streamer TAG name
  3. Have at least the equal rights to respect as the staff members have.
  4. Streamer are partially a staff member
  5. Receive regular eCoins/vCoins as your salary
  6. eCoins bonuses for a milestones
  7. Direct communication with the admins anytime using staff group chat
  8. Have the freedom to speak, suggest and/or criticize for future plans
  9. Get to be known in-game
  10. and more!

The basic requirements are:
  • Owned a Computer (Desktop/Laptop) with at least capable to do stream while playing CABAL Extension
  • A good Ethernet connection
  • Have audio equipment such as microphone and/or any other peripherals to improve voice output
  • A Web Cam
  • Account and CABAL Ext Client

For interested applicants, please fill your application from this link: >>> Application Form <<<
Once your application was sent, we will reply you as soon as possible for the scheduled interview.
Not open for further replies.