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(EP2 to EP8)

The pilot release of CABAL Extension Episode 2 has come to an end. We have decided to shut it down due to outdated file system (2008-09) that is easily bypass in today’s technology, its a decade old server without any optimization and improvements when it comes to security. We are aiming to bring a best MMORPG experience where everyone will enjoy and make profit from their hard work and sacrifices while playing CABAL EXTENSION.

We are inviting all EP2 players to try our EP8 Server (Our Main Cabal Server) that's has been online for almost 2 years already. EP8 is our flagship server and continuous updates & improvements regularly. We can guarantee you that this is proven Pure Farm to Earn Server since its released date up to current date.

As a compensation for the EP2 Players who give dedication and loyalty, we offer a Server Transfer.

How it works:
1. Just fill up & submit the required information from this form:
2. After Submission, message us from our fan page ( ) stating that you have submitted a transfer request. together with the EP2 username.
3. Compensations:
  • Max Level Characters from EP8 will get a Level 190 Character in EP8
  • EP2 Playtime will be converted into EP8 eCoins. Rate: Total Minutes of Play / 3 = Total Ecoins
  • Skill, EXP & Pet EXP for 30D will be sent to your account
  • Chaos Box - Bike x5

  • DO NOT accept any form links from other website and/or people to fill in your information
  • Be conscious and don't be a victim of phishing
  • Admin/Staff Members WONT ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD
Not open for further replies.