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UPDATE [Close Beta Test] Update and Adjustment

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Date: 07/29/2019
Status: Released

  • Fixed hair color bugged
  • Fixed BM2 Icon and reverted it into original one
  • Removed prohibited bad chat words in client like "GM"
  • Max level capped set to "99"
  • Combo gauge extended up to 30 combo
  • Configure server rates and premium benefits
    • EXP: 50x + 50% premium bonus
    • SKILL: 50x + 50% premium bonus
    • DROP: 1x + 50% premium bonus
    • CRAFT: 10x + 50% premium bonus
    • ALZ RATE: 10x
    • ALZ BOMB: 5x + 200% premium
    • MOBS ITEM DROP: 3x item
  • All Maps GPS and warp are now opened
  • All previous and newly created character set the honor into Class 8
  • If you reached Lv.15
    • 1x Return Core (7days)
    • 100x Life Capsule Lv.3 Type B
  • If you reached Lv.25
    • 1x Blessing bead EXP 25%
    • 1x Blessing bead Skill EXP 25%
  • If you reached Lv.50
    • 25x Full Rice-cake soup
    • 25x Nutritious Rice-cake soup
  • If you reached Lv.65
    • +6 Bluestin set 7% AMP / +7 Skill EXP (30 days)
    • +6 Bluestin Weapon +7 Skill EXP / 20% CDI (30 days)
    • 1x Epaulet of Guardian +4 (30 days)
  • If you reached Lv.80
    • 25x Odd Circle
    • 10x Goodluck Potion [ALZ]
  • If you reached Lv.99
    • 1x Honorable Party Epaulet +1 (PERMANENT)
NOTE: All freebies item set into "PER ACCOUNT" to avoid abusing the free item.
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