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NOTICE Daily Activeness Quest System


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Cabal Extension presents to you the NEW Daily Quest System
It's a one of a kind server feature that probably only CABAL EXT have implemented.

Your goal is unlock all the quest achievements, earn points and eCoins (replacement of rb free ec) until you reach the 5 level of rewards that contains special items.
Make sure that you have completed and receive your rewards before the timer runs out!
Every 11:59PM, your whole accomplishments will reset back to 0, which means that all of your previous accomplishment will get back to zero and the rewards will be gone.

Daily Quest refreshes everyday, and you can claim rewards everyday!
Collect Bronze, Silver & Gold Badge and exchange it you our special event NPC for exciting items!


Achievements is account level, all of your character can be used to fill the activeness points and can only obtain once.
Level Meter Rewards ( Chest)

Chest# 1

  • Frontier Stone - 6Hrs
  • Return Core - 6Hrs

Chest# 2
  • Blessing Bead-Skill(200%) - 3 Hours
  • Blessing Bead-EXP(200%) - 3Hrs
  • Megaphone - x5

Chest# 3
  • Pet Untrain Kit - x1
  • Megaphone - x5
  • Holy Water of Travel (30 min) - x3
  • Daily Activeness Badge (Bronze) - x1

Chest# 4
  • Remote Shop Card - 3 Hours
  • Megaphone - x5
  • Core Enhancer (High) - x5
  • Special Inventory Token (Sealed) - x10
  • Daily Activeness Badge (Silver) - x1

Chest# 5
  • CABAL Lottery (ALZ) - x1
  • Fury Potion Lv. 2 - x2
  • Megaphone - x10
  • Core Enhancer (Highest) - x5
  • Daily Quest Badge (Sealed) - x5
  • Daily Activeness Badge (Gold) - x1


How to access? Click the coin icon on left most part of your quick action tab.


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Content Developer
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Reward on the chest subject to change either every monthly or quarterly.
Daily Activeness Badge (Bronze, Silver, Gold) can be exchange into a specific rewards on next upcoming update.
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Content Developer
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Daily Activeness Quest Adjustment
Adjustment of Activeness Points, Number of Task and Ecoin Rewards
New task added



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