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Starting immediately as of 07/03/2019, a new process of donation will be implement. Previous packages from donation has been removed and replaced it with vCOINS. All items from previous donation package can be purchase in VIP shop using the vCOINS.

VIP webshop:

  • vCOINS is a short term of "VIP Coins"
  • It is an external in-game currency which can be spend in our VIP Shop in our website.
  • vCOINS and eCOINS is different.
For the introduction of new process system in donation, DOUBLE VCOIN ON FIRST RECHARGE!

All previous donators and coming donators who wish to support our community,
Double vCOIN will be send for their FIRST RECHARGE.

The policy of Double vCOIN is on below:
  • Double vCOIN on First recharge will be base on Sender's name.
  • Double vCOIN on First recharge will be base on Account/Username.
  • Maximum of double vCOINS will be 100,000 only per in-game username and name of donator.
For more info regarding on donation, you may visit the link below:
How to Donate:
Donation Reward:
Donation Reward Policy:
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