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NOTICE GB Coupon & Tag Activation made easy


Whos Your Daddy
Web Developer
Game Master
Greetings Extension players!
We are proudly to announce that instead of looking any Admin just to activate your Guardian Buff Coupon & Custom Name Tag Coupon all day.
We have now implemented the auto activation available in your User Control Panel.

  • Just login your account here:
  • Go to your desired character
  • Select type of activation you want

In addition
  • We have also fixed the arrangement of the stats allocation
  • Battle Mode Fixer fee increased
Please submit a report right away for any bugs or issues relating to the new feature. Remember that Bug abuse is punishable.
Make sure that you have the coupon inside your character inventory and account must be offline before activation.
All activation activities are logged in our server side for security purpose.

Good Luck & Have Fun! (GLHF)
-Extension Team