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UPDATE Launcher Improvement

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Estimated Time Release: 07/08/2019


New Features/Changes:
  1. Check Files Function
  2. Re-Patch Function
  3. Update Compression
  4. Removed checking files every time the launcher run
Check Files - Allow user to check their client if there is a missing files or corrupted files on their client. This could be one of the solution for those who had a trouble on their client especially if your anti-virus is turned on and deleted the important files on the client to run it properly.

Re-Patch Button - Allow user to download again the previous update start from 1 up to the latest version update.

Update Compression - All incoming updates will be now compressed using RAR to lessen the download file size while before the update is a raw files which takes a lot of time to update.

Removed checking files every time the launcher run - no more file checking every time the launcher run. If you need to check your files, just use the button of "File Check".
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