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NOTICE Limited support as a result of Covid-19


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Dear EXT-community,

We currently investigate the connection issues and delays with our server.

Covid-19 has caused a global crises which brings a lot of complications to our lifes. This, of course, does not only happen to the players, but inescapably to the staffs (including the administrators). We have enabled the Community Goal Event and X2 Daily Activness a week ago. We care about our community and even though our support is slowed down, the rumors about a shutdown are completely wrong.

Once the global situation calms, everything will come back to normal. Slowly but surely. This does include the support and the schedule of our staffs.

We sincerely hope everyone is safe and apologize, that we are forced to slow down our project, while the social distancing is already dominating our routine.

For any suggestions, concerns and difficulties, feedback, requests and reports feel free to use our supported platforms, but please have some extra patience.

Gamechat/Mail Function
(through GM's & T/GAs)

Best Regards
Cabal EXT Staff
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