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NOTICE Reborn Removal Compensation


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EXT Nevareth!

We all know some of you put a hardwork and efforts to reached the highest reborn in game, We prepared something as a compensation based on your Reset.

In order to claim your compensation reward, you need to login in our website: then Account manager, Press the button "COMPENSATION"

NOTE: Compensation reward will be base on a highest character reborn per account.

For example, you have 2 characters in 1 account.
Character 1: 350 reborn
Character 2: 101 reborn

You will only get the reward on tier reborn 301- 400.

Reset 0 - 10 : Cabal Voucher 50 ecoins
Reset 11 - 100 : Cabal Voucher 100 ecoins
Reset 101 - 200 : Cabal Voucher 200 ecoins + 1x Chaos Box - Classic Avatar
Reset 201 - 300 : Cabal Voucher 300 ecoins + 1x Chaos Box - EP8 Avatar
Reset 301 - 400 : Cabal Voucher 400 ecoins + 1x Chaos Box - EP10 Avatar
Reset 401 - 500 : Cabal Voucher 500 ecoins + 1x Chaos Box - Premium Avatar
TAKE NOTE: You can claim the compensation reward after the server maintenance 08/14/2019 - 10:00am.
Please claim your compensation before on 08/20/2019, you will no longer get the rewards on 08/21/2019 onwards.