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NOTICE Website Modules

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Website has been updated with other modules to view with other rankings in-game features.

  • Rankings in the index of the website has been separated with 2 rankings
    • Top 5 Game Rankings
      • Player - based on reborn/reset and level
      • Guild - based on guild score
      • DP - based on dungeon points *newly added*
      • Alz - based on alz in character inventory
      • Playtime - based on player playtime
    • Top 5 Mission War Rankings
      • Total Score - based on total score gained in MWAR
      • WEXP - based on WEXP gained in MWAR
      • Bringer(s) - based in total count of being bringer *newly added*
      • Event - for event purposes only *detail for event will posted soon*
  • Added MWAR rankings in navigation header bar
    • Mission War (WEXP) - allow to view the top 25 wexp earned player per nation
    • Mission War (Daily Score) - allow to view the current score gained in order to be a weekly bringer
    • Mission War (Overall Score) - allow to view the top 25 overall score player per nation
    • Who is Bringer Now - allow to view who is the current bringer within this week per nation
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