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Good day!

Currently, our website has been enhanced a little bit with a new frontend design and some web features has been adjusted.

The following changes listed below:
  • Userpanel link has been changed
  • Referral Invited Players reward has been changed
    • changed from Sigmetal set into Archridum Set (30 days)
    • all users who claimed their previous invited player reward, you can claim it again.
  • Download in the website is now updated and ready to play (no virus detection while downloading)
  • Frontend page design of our website has been changed
  • Added list of official streamers in frontend pages
NOTE: since the userpanel link was changed, your referral link has been changed also and it will generate a new link in your userpanel.

Please get and copy your new referral link by logging in our new website link.

Website link:
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